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I would like to apologize for the recent lack of news, but rest assured that LUI will still be around for WoD. I'm going through a rough time at the moment and currently unemployed so if you really enjoy the UI, please consider donating. It means a lot to me.

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Version 3.9.1 is now available

Written by Siku on .

Version 3.9.1 is now available on Curse. (WoWInterface package coming soon)

This version fixes a variety of issues and bugs that were discovered post-launch but sadly there are quite a few of them that cannot be retroactively updated, so here are some of the changes that will need to be done for people for people updating:

- World Map: The world map module has many issues which have been reported but solutions have not been found yet, as such it was decided to disable it by default. Due to the way the module is handled, there's no way for us to force-disable it on profiles that have already been installed. If you're having issues with the world map, please disable it by going in the LUI options, click on the white section named Modules and click on World Map to disable it. A reload of your UI will be necessary I believe.
- Action Bars: If you are suffering from texture issues around your action bars, go in your Interface\Buttons folder and delete both UI-Action-Quickslot BLP and PNG files. (UI-Action-Quickslot2 is not affected and works properly.)
- Quest Items: There are taint issues when using Quest items that asks you to "Ignore this error or disable LUI", leading to being unable to use quest items. This isn't something we can fix, it's an issue on Blizzard's side, if you do disable LUI, it'll just act the same and blame another addon instead. Due to this, new LUI packages on WoWInterface will contain QuestItemButtonFix, if you download updates from Curse, you will need to pick this addon up separately.

Changelogs between versions encompass all changes between 3.9.0 and 3.9.1, some of which you may be familiar with if you have been using alpha versions.

- Core: The Blizzard Frame Scale script has been improved to include more Blizzard frames, including Warlords-specific ones (such as the Garrison Architect Table)
- Core: Fixed an issue with LoadOnDemand Blizzard frames not being affected by the the Frame Scaling.
- Core: Removed usage of SavedVariablesPerCharacter. All information stored in them will be transfered to the SavedVariables database automatically.
- Bags: If an item starts a quest or , show the Quest Overlay provided by Blizzard.
- Bags: Added an option to disable that overlay.
- Infotext: Updated the Currency dropdown for a wider range of Currency IDs, supporting all new currencies that were added in Warlords.
- Infotext: Updated difficulty IDs next to the clock to support the new difficulty names for Warlords, as well as supporting Mythic and Challenge modes now.
- Infotext: Fixed an issue that caused your tracked quests to stop tracking upon changing zones.
- Minimap: Reduced the size of the Garrison minimap button and docked it to the bottom left of the Minimap, above the Minimap Icon if present.
- Minimap: Added an option to hide coordinates in the Minimap.
- Minimap: Fixed an issue with the Minimap Frames (AlwaysUpFrame, Vehicle Indicator, Durability indicator...) where they would disappear if another addon tried to move them.
- Minimap: Added an option to disable LUI's involvement in specific minimap frames, letting other addons control them without conflict.
- Minimap: Fixed an issue with the ObjectiveTracker becoming unresponsive after moving it through MinimapFrames
- Nameplates: Removed outdated options that did nothing from the option menu.
- Nameplates: The Elite dragon texture has been mirrored to prevent it from overlapping the health frame.
- Nameplates: Added an option to hide the dragon textures.
- RaidMenu: Added the 3 new markers introduced in Warlords. (Orange, Silver and White)
- RaidMenu: Markers are now shown over two rows.
- RaidMenu: Fixed an issue with the ClearMarkers button being unresponsive.
- ThreatBar: Fixed an issue where the Exp Bar mode would not display for a level 90 character who recently bought Warlords.
- Tooltip: Fixed an issue with lingering player border colors.
- Unitframes: Fixed an issue where Windwalker Monks with Empowered Chi were not seeing the additional Chi.
- Unitframes: Fixed an issue where Shadow Priests with Enhanced Shadow Orbs were not seeing the additional Shadow Orbs.
- Unitframes: Fixed an issue with certain race/gender portraits showing a full model instead of a portrait.
- WorldMap: Disabled the module by default. It's mostly useable but has a slew of small issues that causes the module to be of sub-par quality.

Known Issues:
- ActionBars: LUI's built-in bars still have certain issues that could very well be considered deal-breakers with people and we suggest LUI users to use Bartender4 instead.
- Unitframes: Our Raid frames are not very customizable which some healers may have an issue with. Since this is a much more complex issue to solve, we can only suggest you look into other raid frames addons such as Grid, Healbot or Vuhdo.
- WorldMap: These issues should only be present if using our WorldMap module, which has been disabled as of this version, but includes things such as the arrow disappearing when using the maximized map and quest zone blue highlights not showing.

If you like LUI and would like to support it, you can do so either by donating or supporting it on Patreon.
It may not interest everyone, but I decided to give a new attempt at bite-sized mini-updates over on Twitter. (No account required)


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Version 3.9.0 is now available

Written by Siku on .

Version 3.9.0 is now available on Curse and WoWInterface.
Finally it is here, the 6.0 Release version which has been delayed twice now. I would like to thank everyone who has submitted bug reports or weird behaviors happening so we could get them all (or at least most of them) before the release. We may do another release in a week or two to round up any new bugs that shows up or if we finally manage to nail down the currently known issues.

On another note, I wanted to keep this for when I finally launch V4, but due to my financial situation not improving (In fact, the horizon looks grim), I decided to open a Patreon account, this allows supporting members of the community to donate on a monthly basis to sustain me which in turn would let me devote even more time to LUI and start video series on it and such. I extremely appreciate everyone's donations, you guys have made it much easier for me to keep working on LUI. Not having access to Warlords content would have been a serious detriment to the cause.
A note I want to add before anyone jumps to conclusion: I do not intend to offer any rewards that could negatively affect users that cannot or will not donate or "pay" for features. I am not interested in a donor-only support forum that get better service, or donor-only special editions of LUI with more features. While they may receive some perks for donating (as mentioned on the Patreon page), I hope people that will donate will do so to show their support for me and my projects and NOT as a way to pay to get a better service.

I would like to also mention that V4 is coming along quite nicely. It may be early to pronounce but I have met someone that could breath some fresh life into the LUI textures and we might have updates here and there to prevent V4 to look exactly like V3 "but with better code". With this release out of the way I can again spend some time on it to get it fleshed out for a beta by Warlord's release. Don't quote me on that though.

Changelogs between versions encompass all changes between 3.8.3 and 3.9.0 some of which you may be familiar with if you have been using alpha versions. (6.0 alphas have been out since the day it launched)

- Updated for 6.0
- Core: Updated various frames to work with the new WoD changes.
- Bags: Add support for the new Reagents bank.
- Bags: Updated the New Item notification. Note that you will need to enable it in the Bags options.
- Bags: As quest items shouldn't be in your bags anymore, removed the option to highlight quest items.
- Infotext: Fix an issue not being able to invite connected realm guild members while using the "Hide Realm Name" option.
- Infotext: Add support for Heroes of the Storm in Friends display.
- Micromenu: Updated frame names due to WoD changes.
- Minimap: Changed the Objective Track offset to prevent the new art from overlapping with the sidebar textures.
- Tooltip: Tooltips in the friend list are now skinned to look like other tooltips found in LUI.
- Tooltip: Fixed an issue where the border colors wouldn't update when going from a player to another player next to each other.
- Tooltip: Fixed an issue where "Show For Abilities in Combat" could cause your skill tooltips to vanish regardless of combat state.
- Unitframes: Updated oUF framework to latest version 1.6.8
- Unitframes: Fixed issues with the new Eclipse Bar.
- VengeanceBar: Renamed to Resolve Bar. Max value may be wrong as we do more research on how it is handled mechanically.
- WorldMap: Updated for the WoD changes. Removed our instance maps options for the time being.

Known Issues:
- Female Human portrait in the unitframes shows the full model instead of a portrait.
- World Map player arrow sometimes goes missing if the Minimap is maximized.

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Version 3.8.3 is available!

Written by Siku on .

Version 3.8.3 is now available on Curse and WoWInterface.
As i've mentioned in a thread about the status of V4, I got out of a depressive state last month and it feels great and then I was shocked to realize that we havent released stable release in over 8 months. This fact is made slightly easier to digest when we've been in the same major patch for the past 10 months! Regardless, we definitely should've released something in the mean time. For those wondering, while V4 does sound like vaporware, it's currently being developed at the fastest it has ever been and performance seems improved across the board (so far)

Changelogs between versions encompass all changes between 3.8.2 and 3.8.3, some of which you may be familiar with if you have been using alpha versions.

- Added a new Artworks module that allows you to disable parts of the LUI art that wasnt configurable before.
- Infotext: Added support for Battle.Net App client in the friend list.
- Infotext: Guild tooltip now hides realm name by default, an option can be found to alter this behavior.
- Unitframes: Name format can now display Level with no associated Name.
- Unitframes: Fixed bug when buffs/debuffs get applied.
- Unitframes: Added Monk's Renewing Mists to the RaidFrames.
- Unitframes: Fixed a bug with the Shandrala unitframe layout that caused weird :SetFont() lua error. If you're still having it, reload the layout or change it. (Sadly, at the loss of your current unitframes settings)
- Micromenu: Replaced the Help button by a Store button to reflect the Blizzard micromenu.
- MirrorBar: Border default width changed to 4.0 (up from 2.0) so the border attaches to the bar rather than float slightly away from it.
- MirrorBar: Added a new option to enable an Archaeology Digsite Progress Bar.
- Threat/ExpBar: Fix background textures.
- Threat/ExpBar: Added precision settings for Experience and Reputation mode.
- Threat/ExpBar: Fixed bug that occur when the bar/text color is set to Gradient.
- Chat: Fixed a small positioning bug that can happen on reloads.
- AutoInvite: Now works with guildmates that are on another, connected, realm.
- RemoveThatBuff: No longer tries (and fail) to remove buffs while in combat.


Version 3.8.2 is available!

Written by Siku on .

Version 3.8.2 is now available on Curse and WoWInterface.
Terribly sorry for the several delays of this release, I wanted to do a few special things and line them up with the release of this version but due to real life and other issues keeping me busy they didnt happen in a timely manner, and now i'm releasing the version regardless. There is a new WoW patch coming in the near future and want to reassure people that we will release a new version if one needs to happens in a much more timely manner. On a side note, there will now be a new dropdown featuring some of my [Siku/Chaoslux] other addons, in case people are interested in those. They don't have the broad appeal of LUI, but they can be quite nifty for a plethora of people.

Changelogs between versions encompass all changes between 3.8.1 and 3.8.2, some of which you may be familiar with if you have been using alpha versions.

- The "IsDisabledByParentalControls" error is no longer shown, but will still appear in your bug grabbing addon of choice. (Such as Bugsack). Patch 5.4.2 is required for it to completly go away.
- Infotext: Added Hearthstone to the friends display.
- Infotext: Neutral characters (Pandaren) no longer have a green square as their Currency icon.
- Addons: Installing LUI or Restoring Recount will now properly set Monks to the same color as the other classes.
- Bags: Added option to Lock Frames, to prevent accidental dragging of the bags and bank.
- Bags: Fixed a bug with Search not re-appearing if you right-click then left-click in sucession.
- Bags: Added an option to hide the bag sort&stack button to prevent misclicks.
- Unitframes: Add Buff/Debuff options for "Focus Target" and "Target of Target of Target"

Known Issues:
There is now a dropdown option on the website featuring a list of Known Issues with LUI, please keep that in mind when reporting errors on the forums.


Version 3.8.1 is available!

Written by Siku on .

Version 3.8.1 is now available on Curse.
This version also marks the release of our new website, which will see several updates as we move forward, I believe running exclusively on a forum makes some information hard to find. This also makes it much easier for people to grab the full package, and have quick access to Alpha versions, which in the past were only found after people were told they existed. I will be adding new information under the Documentation tab to help people find and use all the features provided by LUI.

Users can now comment directly on the news posts because we have a frontpage to prevent people from thinking that a new comment meant a new "News", Frontpage articles and Forum Thread should be linked together in the near future.

Changelogs between versions encompass all changes between 3.8.0 and 3.8.1, some of which you may be familiar with if you have been using alpha versions. (5.4 alphas have been out since the day launched, but were delayed from a release version due to real life)

- Updated for 5.4
- Core: Typing /lui no longer open the option menu in combat. (Unless previously loaded). This prevents "Script Too Long" errors that results in only 20% of the options being displayed.
- Bags: Fixed an issue where all bags slots became highlighted.
- InfoText: Added World Bosses Lockout information under raid lockouts.
- InfoText: Update Raid info display to handle displaying LFR and Flexible raid information.
- Unitframes: Fixed "fade others debuffs" and debuff frame color.
- Unitframes: Names on boss unitframes update properly on multi-boss encounters
- Unitframes: Changed number of boss frames from 4 to MAX_BOSS_FRAMES (which is currently 5).
- Threat Bar: Update to Experience mode - you can now show rested XP (both text and a bar).
- Threat Bar: Made Gradient color work for the bar while in Experience and Reputation mode
- Threat Bar: Small changes to text formatting.
- Tooltips: Fixed tooltips of NPCs within the Proving Grounds or while spectating a pet battle.
- Talent Spam: Update filters to include Pet talent spam.
- Vengeance: Updated module to make Vegeance caps at your full health.

Known Issue:
- There is not yet a Store button for the micro menu due to Blizzard having secured the store frame and we are still looking for a way to access it, the way we used during the 5.4 PTR was removed when it went live.